Gerald E Moutra

Executive Director & Co-Founder, LifeLegacy Wellness Technology


Gerald E Moutra, DMS, RCS, Author, Is the 7th sibling out of 11 children from south Los Angeles California. As he would travel through the streets of Hollywood CA, on his way to work, he would see people who have come from all over the US, following their dreams, hoping to make it in Hollywood, but without a backup plan B.

At the age of 17 years old, he made it his mission, to always have a backup plan in life, because there is no love, in the streets.

With over twenty years working in the cardiology department, as an echocardiology in hospitals setting and outpatients’ clinics, private practice, and assisting in surgical procedures.

As a God-fearing man, and growing up engulfed, by the pentecostal doctrine under his father Elder NormanL Moutra Sr. and the late Bishop R. W. Mcmurray, who has since passed on the torch to his Protege Bishop Noel Jones. The powerhouse Bishop is the senior pastor. 17,000 members were formerly the Greater Bethany Community Church.

And the CEO of Dolphin 3D Health Screening in 2015

I can now, share the basic fundamental of fitness, healthy lifestyle, eating habits, and knowledge with information through preventative steps, simply by just empowering our leaders in our community.

To teach others, and our youth and the ones that are teachable.
As an author, Moutra, Gerald drew from his diverse background and many talents to write this inspirational book. ” A Valentine Weekend”

On Courtship, Marriage, Woman, Men, healthy eating, Relationships, Connection, The magic of a simple Kiss, and the different types of Love.

In the summer, of 1988 Moutra, Gerald had a desire to relocate from his hometown, Los Angeles California, to Bellevue Washington.

As a God-fearing man and genuine believer, he relied on his Maker/Yeshua” to help guide him to be constructive and helpful to his readers.

In 2008 one of His first cousins Johnnie Moutra, from Huston Texas and his wife walked away as winners on the “New Newlywed Gameshow.”

So yes, the Moutra’s really know how to win. When it comes to relationships. And yes, we understand that every relationship will have its own challenges, we clearly understand that relationships take a lot of work, on both parts, it’s about working together as one unit.

Relationship failure should always be viewed, as a step to the next level, as we should learn from all our failures, in life, in business, in family, in general.

Failure should not be looked upon, as a setback, it should be viewed as a test, that didn’t work, so now, you know because, you tested it yourself.

This is what you do, in order, for you to succeed in life. Every great leader or entrepreneur, business owner, has had the experience, of disappointment or was faced, with some kind of difficulty, but it separates the great ones, from the impostor, in order to build your true integrity and character as a leader.

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