Carvel Jones

Carvel provides executive services to the Chairman and is charged with establishing effective affiliate commerce relationships.
He is accountable for directing revenues as instructed by the Chair; to Pastors and Directors. He works with a committee of Pastors over-seeing 6 regions with more than a million members.

Carvel has continued to serve as Executive Director for the Odell Peggie Jones Foundation (OPJ), a private Faith Based Organization dedicated to providing health, prosperity, and life skills to at-risk communities.

OPJ provides opportunities for individuals to create employment for themselves allowing them to advance towards a higher quality of life through vehicles that deliver effective personal growth and financial stability.

In addition to holding various Executive Positions from Vice President to Chief Executive Officer, he is a nationally renowned Professional Entrepreneurial Development Coach and has assisted several direct sales companies to expand market share building Sales Teams of over 100,000, and generating over 1,000,000 customers.

Carvel has more than 10 years of experience in the Banking, Finance, and Insurance Industries as a VP in charge of a Special Industries Group. Overseeing the Finance, Insurance, Retail, and Healthcare market sectors. He also supported the Banks expansion into the dot-com sector and was a contributor to several start-up Software Companies.

Carvel Memberships, Associations, and Corporate affiliations have included the Association of General Contractors, Construction Financial Management Association, North American Light and Power Association, Healthcare Financial Managers Association, National African American Insurance Association, Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council, and the Chamber of Commerce.

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