Child Poverty

Around 600 million people live in poverty. It is a condition when people do have not money to fulfill their basic needs and not improved their living standards because the income levels of peoples are low. When parents don’t have money to invest in their children’s education, basic needs, food or clothes, etc. Some peoples cannot afford to take a doctor when they sick. Childs who grow up poverty-stricken often lacks the food, sanitation, shelter, health care, and education they need to survive and develop. Across the world many children are multidimensionally poor, meaning they lack necessities as basic as nutrition or clean water. Children are more likely to live in poverty than adults. They are also more vulnerable to its effects. Poverty has a negative impact on children’s health, social, emotional, and cognitive development, behavior, and educational outcomes.

Children born into poverty are more likely to experience a wide range of health problems including poor nutrition, chronic disease, and mental health problems. Our Future Nation or children are damaged due to poverty. Because they have fewer resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods. When children are born in needy households they cannot afford school fees and also don’t get knowledge. Without education fewer chances to break the poverty cycle. But some children feel and understand that our parents cannot afford our expenses and not give many things or not able to fulfill their demands then they avoid asked their parents.

Children living in poverty also reported some positive experiences. Just as some children appreciated the sense of community in their neighborhoods. Childs failed to accept the standards of life and have low income from their parents therefore they are said to be poor. Many parents around us don’t have good and clean food for their children therefore they feel helpless and go to way of begging. When people’s door to door or on the road begging they feel guilt and embarrassment because most people shut the door in front of theirs.

How to reduce child poverty?

  1. Child care subsidies Enhanced:
  2. Create a Child Allowances system by Government
  3. Control the Lack of natural resources
  4. Technologies and new innovations provide to child’s
  5. Implement the Agriculture Programs
  6. Create and provide jobs to unemployed peoples
  7. Access to proper sanitation and clean water
  8. Provide the education facilities to children with fewer expenses
  9. Gender Differences must be Eliminated
  10. Create a Donation in different ways to needy children.
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