Jaonie Tringale

JOANIE is a successful businesswomen/entrepreneur. Joanie has owned a multitude of businesses ranging from restaurants to her ownership of the former Novi Expo Center in Novi, Mi. Joanie is a “natural” networker, with connections throughout the world. Her “network” is extensive, particularly in the above 0,000 range. Besides being a master chef and event coordinator, she has naturally evolved into a premier networker. Joanie has successfully assisted start-up companies to achieve financial success through her networking and management skills. She has a unique talent to assist others to tap into their talents and abilities to achieve optimum financial and personal success. In the last 18 months, Joanie has introduced into the marketplace a new pizza product that has gained significant momentum, including 600 stores selling her product and an upcoming promotional tour with the QVC television network. Joanie has a work ethic that is beyond reproach and is able to reach vast audiences with her bubbly personality and natural charisma. She is a dynamic leader and generous employer.

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